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The one and only application for online astrology services are now available at your hand. Get Consultation from India’s certified Astrologers 24/7. Speak to our astrologers regarding your love life, career, health, finance. Now, check your personalized daily horoscope regularly and know all imminent events happening throughout the day to kick start your day with a positive outlook. MyPandit also introduces chat with astrologer feature for users who are more comfortable in chat. No need for an appointment, log in to MyPandit App and have a telephonic astrology consultation with your preferred Astro-expert. Talk to astrologers and get a proper Vedic astrology analysis of your birth chart or Vedic Horoscope to commence your major life events confidently. Set yourself free from local pandits hassles and connect with the finest astrologers of India to get the best astrology services round the clock. Talk to Astrologers One of the most popular features on MyPandit is ‘Talk to Astrologers’. Allow yourself to get in touch with our astrologers and find relevant answers to your queries 24/7 with the help of Vedic astrology. Be it a career struggle, relationship problems, finding the best zodiac compatibility from prospects, business failure, or health-related issues, MyPandit has a resolution for every life obstacle Chat with Astrologers MyPandit App will allow you to reach the astrologers via the ‘chat’ feature too. Type your queries in the chatbox and get satisfactory answers from our best astrologers. Using the chat option, you can connect with the astrologers of your choice as well and get instant astrology solutions. Online Free Services Personalized Daily Horoscope To ensure you step out of your house without any troubles, check your personalized daily horoscope on the MyPandit app. Read what the best minds of expert astrologers say about your day in your personalized daily horoscope. Yearly Horoscope Report Get your next year’s horoscope report from our astrologers free. Plan your next year precisely by checking hand-written yearly horoscope predictions from Mypandit App by just clicking on your zodiac sign. Your yearly horoscope will reveal the upcoming events for all areas of life. Also, you can check monthly horoscope and weekly horoscope along with yearly horoscope and daily horoscope. JanamPatri Need assistance to prepare your Kundali? Let us know your basic details of birth and create your Kundali or Vedic horoscope charts with your astrology profile and detailed analysis in no time. Access your Janampatri and also of your dear ones absolutely free to dig deeper into your zodiac sign traits and hidden potentials. MyPandit’s Key Services Career: Unable to find the right career path? Let our astrologers decide what’s the best route for you to achieve career success by analyzing your personalized horoscope. Finance: Dealing with business troubles? Seek help from MyPandit’s experts and find ways to earn a profit. Let our Vedic astrology experts study your horoscope and know the best time to execute your investment plans. Health: Facing health troubles in your daily life? Review your Kundali by consulting a health astrology expert on Mypandit. Also, get the precautionary measures and simple astrology remedies on how to maintain a healthy life. Love: Looking to find your love? Or Want to improve your love relationship? Worry not confidently speak with your preferred astrologers. Let our experts do a proper analysis of your birth chart or Vedic horoscope and get insights into effective astrology remedies to resolve your love issues with your dating partner. Zodiac Compatibility If you don’t have the birth details or the horoscope of your partner and want still to know how compatible your partner is with you, a zodiac compatibility check is your solution. Just enter your zodiac sign and your partner’s zodiac sign and uncover how strong your relationship is!