Staking Lossless Lottery去中心化nft交易所软件开发

Most classical lotteries are built with a gambling mindset where one or a few winners grab the whole prize while most the participants lose their bets. It doesn’t have to be like that. The staking lossless lottery built by Stakin leverages on ICON blockchain and its Proof-of-Stake consensus engine in order to offer a fun saving game, where nobody loses their bets!


With Proof-of-Stake, interests are generated by locking-up digital assets and participating in consensus. It is with these interests that Stakin builds a lossless lottery. In this model, participants buy tickets by locking $ICX tokens in a smart contract deployed on the ICON blockchain. The locked-up tokens then generate interests through staking. Each week, a random draw is organized, and a lucky winner wins the whole pot of generated interests, but none of the initial bets from other participants. Thus, at any time, it is possible for participants to leave the lottery and redeem their tickets for the $ICX face value.


KLAYstation is a staking tool running on Klaytn. It can be conveniently used anytime, anywhere with Klaytn’s wallets, Kaikas (web-based) and Klip (Mobile). The most brilliant feature of KLAYstation is SKLAY, which is a liquidity token for staked KLAY. With SKLAY, users can experience additional pro…