Birdoo – Digital Poultryapp软件开发费用

Birdoo helps poultry farmers, supervisors, and farm owners to accurately measure and track indicators such as weight, mortality, FCR, feed intake, mortality etc. to check flock performance and pre-empt possible impacting factors ahead of time. Real-time tracking enables farmers make course correction and reduce supply variability. Salient Features: * Get performance insights at company, farm, shed and flock level * Compare indicator values with standards (weight, FCR, mortality, temp., humidity etc.) * Get rid of logbooks! Record and report data within the app * Check growth and distribution with in-built graphs * Get alerts whenever there is an issue with the flock * Manage harvest within the app * Predict growth and performance with the power of AI Equip Birdoo with our advanced technology products * Automatic bird weight detection with state-of-art computer vision technique * Monitor real-time ambient conditions with a suite of powerful sensors Birdoo is available on mobile and web platforms. With future enhancements like Health Monitoring, Bird Count and Bird Mortality prediction, we offer a comprehensive ‘Predictive Poultry Precision System’ for farmers to monitor their Broiler/Breeder farms. Enable Digitalization | Increase Productivity | Increase Profits Sign-up now! Request a demo? Please drop a request at, We’ll set-up a demo for you in no time.

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